“The value-added support provided by eBridge is the key differentiator between their solution and other reverse auction suppliers which offer nothing more than just a software package.”

- Edward Kinney, Sourcing Officer & Supplier Diversity Program Lead, Vanderbilt University


"Metro Louisville has been using eBridge to run reverese auctions for over 10 years. They have had a great relationship with our purchasing team and their process has provided several million dollars in savings for the city."

- Craig Bowen, Purchasing Manager, Louisville, KY


We have run 3 auctions for basic business supplies and equipment.  After we thought we were at the "best price" with the suppliers, we saved an additional 18 – 25% through eBridge!  The eBridge team helped finalize the specifications and got our bid requests to appropriate suppliers in a timely manner. 

- Darren Washausen, Samtec Inc.


“Our hospital has worked with eBridge on two reverse auctions so far this year and has found eBridge’s operations staff to be professional and responsive.  Additionally, this process has allowed the hospital to achieve substantial savings and ensure that we are optimizing the use of our capital resources.”

- CFO, Hospital System


“Wow, another incredible experience!  Thank you ALL for your assistance, your professionalism, and most of all, for your dedication on this fifth consecutive chemical bid and to the City of Fort Smith.  I truly felt like I had a whole team of experts working with me and you made the process simple, efficient, and quite successful, I might add!”              

- Mr. Alie Bahsoon, Purchasing Manager, City of Fort Smith, AR

eBridge did a wonderful job of locating potential suppliers for this sole brand procurement.  We realized significant savings and at the end of the day the low price was from a local supplier we already do business with and who is a small business to boot.”  

- Stephen Smith, Director of Procurement and Contracts, San Francisco State University


"The eBridge team generated over $110K in annual savings on the first contract they managed for our manufacturing company. Thank you for your professionalism and hard work - you get results!"

- Alan Vance, CEO, Broce Broom


“I have been at CSUSM for over 21 years, I am excited with the possibilities of this new technology and what it can mean for utilizing tax payer dollars more efficiently. I thrive on new efficiencies and innovations to help make my job easier and to save the campus money. I can’t say enough about the eBridge team; they have been helpful, informative and supportive to my needs and questions."

- Pamela Ohrazda, California State University, San Marco Buyer II


“We have used eBridge for several bids. Supplier notification and training is done by eBridge, as well as additional sourcing, conducting the actual online event and then tabulating and documenting the event.”  

M. Raiford; Buyer, City of Lakeland, Florida


“Very impressive use of technology and established marketplace network to achieve integrity and transparency of process as well as overall value to end users”   

- Lauren S Nahme, Controller, Kamehameha School System, Hawaii


I’m happy to recommend the services of eBridge.  The guys I personally dealt with were quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had, and made sure that the entire process was smooth and painless.  Our agency saved about 10% over our previous year’s waste hauling contract cost, and we are now confident that the maximum savings were realized by using the reverse auction process. 

- Phil Humbert , Procurement Specialist ii, SC School for the Deaf & Blind


“Since 2000, the City of Elgin has utilized eBridge for purchasing our annual allotment of various water treatment chemicals. We keep turning to them due to the consistent savings realized below budget and the very attentive and competent team of professionals with whom we get to work”.

Daina DeNye, Purchasing Officer, Elgin, IL


“eBridge brought a level of expertise to the table that minimizes public expenditures to the greatest extent possible. eBridge expands the database of qualified vendors which provides greater opportunities for offers. Prior to the bid event eBridge provides individual training to each vendor ensuring there is a complete understanding of what is required in order to submit responsible and responsive offers. eBridge also handles all the administrative duties normally assigned to the purchasing agent associated with the dissemination of bid documentation ensuring that consistency, transparency and integrity is achieved throughout the process. I would highly recommend using eBridge if the opportunity arose to enhance your organization’s ROI wherever possible.” 

- Water Agency Purchasing Manager


“I thought the concept was genius when I first researched it.  Then I asked why our organization had not used this service sooner!  The team at eBridge was more than helpful during what turned out to be a very simple process that resulted in a very favorable outcome.”

- Senior Buyer, Ohio       


“I believe in every organization’s history, a window of time becomes available when you must make seemingly radical change to rise to a higher level of performance.  eBridge’s reverse auction process has provided incredible value to our organization and enabled us to do just that.  We were able to purchase the highest quality equipment with the latest technology we need- at true market value.  Purchasing with eBridge’s reverse auction platform and process has helped our organization operate more efficiently and strengthened working relationship among departments.”

- Purchasing Director, Oklahoma 


“That was some really cool stuff today. I know your team thought it could have been more exciting but believe me, we were thrilled. I can't imagine how an "exciting" auction would be.   I'm touting this as a $400,000 savings- covers my salary for several years!”

- Director of Purchasing, Regional Bank


 “This was our first time participating in a reverse auction and whenever you try something new- typically you approach it with caution. But everyone at eBridge is knowledgeable and helpful and that put cautions to rest.”         

- Supplier, Chemical Bid

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